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Who has come unstuck in the kitchen this week?

Run out of flour, caster sugar, mince I know I have. But luckily I had Thermi to the rescue.

As much as I have tried to be super organised with meal planning and morning tea baking during this unusual time of supermarket restrictions and empty shelves sometimes things just do not go to plan and I have come up empty handed.

But thanks to Thermi the solutions have been quick and easy, no mince for lasagne no worries Thermi can mince some, no caster sugar for baking no worries Thermi can mill some, run out of dessert no worries the most delicious rice pudding ever will be ready in 30 minutes, stirring itself while we eat dinner.

Our Thermomix has been an essential part of our kitchen for 6 years and to be honest it is one of the best investments we have ever made. I do need to add I am 100% not a foodie/kitchen/baking person, it isn't really my thing but having Thermi has made life in the kitchen so much quicker and easier, Thermi is a god send to be honest and I can only imagine the amazing contribution a Thermomix must make to the kitchen of someone who absolutely loves cooking.

So if you are sitting on the fence about whether a Thermi is for you or just curious about what this amazing machine can achieve I encourage you to reach out to my friend Bianca Tickel (link below) who is an experienced Thermomix consultant, an amazing cook and a hive of knowledge when it comes to all things Thermi.

Plus Thermomix has some amazing interest free opportunities at the moment, message Bianca to book an online Zoom consultation or demonstration, you most certainly won't be disappointed.

Whoever thought, I of all people, would have a kitchen appliance I love so much it has a nickname.

Bianca Tickel - Thermi Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1809130012652792/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

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