• Melodee Miller


I feel as a small business owner I am always looking to other businesses for inspiration, ideas and courage. Not to copy their services or open a similar business but to learn from them what works, what doesn’t, what makes them stand out within their niche and makes them so loved.

This week Mr Handsome Lifeguard and I had lunch at one of my absolute favourite places for inspiration, Oodies Cafe, how amazing is their new location, sooooo funky, Oodies 2.0 rocks.

Customer service has always been a huge deal for me and is something I constantly strive to bring to my own business. The team at Oodies absolutely nails it every time, day in, day out you feel welcome, appreciated and like a part of the Oodies family as soon as you walk in the door. I just love these guys.

I know I still have a lot to learn within my business but with local businesses like Oodies for inspiration I know I am on the right path ❤️

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