• Melodee Miller


We had a very very special visitor in the ironing room this week ❤️

My dear 89 year old Nan, Majorie Westerman, Nan sat and chatted with mum and I while we ironed, it was such a special treat.

She asked about my clients and their families, patted Miss Matilda, enjoyed some cookies from the cookie jar and shared stories about her life and my Mum's childhood at The Entrance on the Central Coast NSW.

Sadly Nan has dementia so her memory isn't the best, her mind plays tricks on her and confusion visits her regularly now so on days when she feels well enough my Mum makes the most of it and gets her out and about as much as possible.

People who put their hand up to care for the older generation, either as a family member like my mum or as a career path like my dear friend Heidi Duthler really do have hearts of gold, surely it would have to be one of the hardest jobs out there.

The love, compassion, understanding and kindness it takes day in, day out to help them navigate their life is exhausting, mentally draining and filled with worry and concern but each day these caring individuals step up and care, to ensure these golden oldies enjoy each and every day ❤️

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