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One of the things I love about our free pick up and delivery service is that I have had the opportunity to visit parts of Bundaberg and the surrounding area that I didn’t even know existed. Even though I have lived in Bundaberg for most of my life since 1988 (I think that is the right year, Mum will correct me if I am wrong hehe) Bundaberg has grown so much during this time and so many of the beautiful new little suburbs I have never taken the time to explore.

A couple of weeks ago thanks to a lovely new client Jodie I ventured out to a little area of Branyan which I have never been to before. With street names like Tranquil Avenue I knew I was going to love this little neck of the woods and let me tell you this little area most certainly lives up to its street names.

The most exciting discovery for me was that Jodie and her husband run a bee farm, google told me it is called an apiary but personally I prefer bee farm so I am sticking with that. I had such an enjoyable chat over the front gate with Jodie hearing all about how their little local business came to bee (hehe) and all that is involved in caring for happy bees who will in turn craft yummy honey.

After delivering Jodie’s freshly ironed clothes and having a pat with her two loving puppies I returned home to a beautiful review from this lovely lady.

"What a beautiful service! So lovely to talk to, plus a quick and simple process! Love to support locals 👌”

Thank you so much Jodie I am so grateful that our lives have crossed paths over a simple basket of ironing ❤️

If you would like to follow Jodie & her family on their bee 🐝 journey and support a great local business pop over and visit them at Meant to Bee Tranquil Apiaries.


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