• Melodee Miller


Who helps do the laundry at your place?

Is it a family effort?

Maybe each family member does their own?

Or maybe you divide and conquer with different members taking responsibility for different tasks?

Mr Handsome Lifeguard does most of our laundry with me trying to remember to bring it in off the line each afternoon he is on duty at the beach. Yes I have to have an alarm set on my phone, I know I know. Sometimes I just get too busy and totally forget otherwise and then it is damp 🙄

The boys are happy to help pitch in as well and both much prefer bringing in the dry washing over hanging out the wet.

Laundry really is a never ending chore isn't it, the whole washing, drying, folding, ironing cycle is never ending, a constant juggle of dirty, wet, clean, dry, wrinkled, ironed that we need to wrestle on a daily/weekly basis.

If you could remove one element of laundry either washing, drying, folding or ironing which one would it be?

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