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Ok I am going to put my hand up and admit I have been a little slow in the movement to support our local farmers and buying from roadside fruit & veg stalls.

Life has always seemed too busy, my schedule too full for an extra trip to a local farm or two instead of just popping all the fruit and veg in the online shopping cart with everything else from Woolies to click and collect.

I have always know in my heart that buying locally grown fruit and veg is better for everyone, us, our local community and most importantly our farmers. But sometimes we have to make purchasing decisions based on convenience and time management, hence the reason supermarkets are so popular.

With the arrival of Covid 19 into our country and life as we know it changing every day I have thankfully found myself with more time, more time to enjoy a slower pace to life, an opportunity to maybe reset and reassess what I want my life to look like moving forward once all of this is over.

Today I have decided I want to start changing my purchasing habits to support local whenever I can and I have started with a weekly fruit and veg box from The Lettuce Patch. This week is our second week and I am absolutely totally in love with this little business and what they offer. They are friendly and kind and I just adore their little drive through farm stall, it is just the cutest. The produce is super fresh and they are so accomodating with swapping one thing for another, my boys hate pumpkin not a problem I can swap for more potatoes, have carrots left over from last week not a problem I can swap them for extra bananas. Ordering is super easy with a quick comment on a Facebook post and pick up on the allocated day, just like click and collect but you get to visit a farm and buy from local farmers.

So I am now looking for other ways I can change my spending habits to support local, ways that are still convenient and easy but at a more local level supporting our local farmers and community. I would love to hear some recommendations, especially butchers, I would love to be able to purchase a weekly meat box to compliment my fruit and veg box, let me know your thoughts and experience and please leave me some suggestions in the comments below

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