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This week I had an appointment with a Business Consultant 😳 yes I know little me talking about businessy things, fancy schmancy right.

Kylie from @InvestedAccounts was AMAZING. I was able to share with her my concerns about making my business sustainable and profitable for the long haul and being able to scale and grow the business in a way that focuses on the follow areas

- looking after our original grandfather clients (which I have renamed Gorgeous Nanna clients)

- employing staff so we can continue to grow and take on more clients

- continue a personal friendly, family like relationship with each and everyone of our clients

All while still being able to support our family and invest back into the business. A big ask I know hence why we need to have a chat and I am eager to hear your feedback.

Kylie and her team presented me with some market research of other laundry services in our local area and from this we have been able to establish were I sit amongst my competitors and the differences and similarities in our services.

As I truely value this little social media community, as well as my wonderful clients I would love your honest thoughts on a few things which will help in making some big decisions in how we move forward and continue to grow in a way that will ensure we are around for many years to come.

So below are my thoughts and ideas for moving forward in a way that will continue to sustain our business and allow us to grow to be able to welcome many more clients into our little STEAM Family.

- Gorgeous Nanna clients price to change to $3 per item

- New clients price to be set at $4 per item

- Continue with free home pick up and delivery

So I would love to hear what you think, your thoughts, ideas, everything and anything that you wish to share about these potential changes. Please leave your comments below or if you feel more comfortable you are welcome to send me a private message to share your thoughts and feelings.

Thank you to this wonderful community for helping me navigate this next stage of my business you all make my heart happy. 🙏❤️

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