• Melodee Miller


Starting a small business is scary 😳 growing a small business is also scary, clients that you don’t want to disappoint, a reputation that you don’t want to tarnish, you really just want everyone to love you and support you.

But a part of growing a small business is making decisions and navigating the growth path in a way that keeps everyone happy but also ensures the business is profitable and sustainable. Now these decisions are SCARY.

But the last couple of days have shown me that with the support of our little STEAM community I don’t need to be so scared.

Since my post on Friday afternoon I have been overwhelmed with the understanding and kind support for me and my little ironing business from this amazing community of beautiful, caring and supportive people.

This little business helps put food on our table, a roof over our head and pay our bills, but more then that this little business and my clients fill my cup to overflowing with happiness, advice and above all support and I can’t thank you all enough. My heart is happy and I have butterflies in my tummy, what more could a small business owner ask for ❤️.

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