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Woohoo the Easter Bunny will be here in a couple of nights 🐰❤️

This Easter we decided to enjoy this beautiful little region we call home and plan a STAYcation, a little holiday with all the conveniences of home and without the holiday necessity of packing.

We have a couple of day trips planned firstly to Agnes Water (surf/weather depending) and then Monto to explore the Street Art Trail and enjoy a picnic lunch. Monto is home to one of the three Silo Art locations in Queensland with the Three Moon art piece covering 4 silos completed in July 2020, it is the 37th silo in the Australian Silo Art Trail and the first of many on our bucket list.

I absolutely love the Australian Silo Art project the sheer scale of these art works, the amazing talent of the artists and the contrast between the landscape they inhabit and the artworks themselves are just stunning and really are a national treasure.

I can’t wait to stand in front of Three Moon with my neck stretched back and head titled high to enjoy everything it has to offer and learn all about these talented artists and the local stories they share through their art, I will pop a link below if anyone would like more info.

In addition to experiencing some local culture during our STAYcation we also have some less cultured activities planned such as daily happy hour with a feature cocktail each day starting with Tequila Sunrise ☀️ this evening to celebrate the start of 4 days rest, relaxation and quality time with family & friends, my favourite Mojito’s 🍃will also be making a guest appearance on Friday evening.

Hot cross bun making, a family soccer match, I am going to vounteer to be the ref as things can get pretty competitive and rough between my boys and youngest sister ⚽️, daily yoga, a family movie night and dinner out with friends are all planned in our STAYcation itinerary.

So happy Easter lovely people, I hope the Easter Bunny 🐰 finds you and leaves you all things yummy and chocolate. Thank you for being amazing and being a part of this little community we call STEAM & REFRESH, love you all.

Side note - we will be closed Easter Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday rolling back into work with chocolate and hot cross bun filled tummies on Tuesday ❤️

Monto Street Art Trail - https://montomagic.com.au/murals-australian-art-trail/

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