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It makes my heart happy when I hear how our little bottle of magic spray is making other people happy and making their lives easier. The truth is we all want life to be a little easier, so if we can help to find small ways to make that happen for our clients then I feel like that is a big win for all of us.

As Kylie mentions below she was a test subject in the development of REFRESH and as a busy business owner herself her input has been invaluable as too how we can help busy, time poor people and families make their lives a little bit easier.

So if REFRESH can help eliminate re-ironing, save time and stress then I feel like we are on the right path.

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"My friends and family know I rarely comment on Facebook but this product is worthy.

Refresh is seriously amazing!

An innovation success story I love to share with everyone! I was a test subject for this ‘laundry hack’ product and I can positively validate the results.

WOW!!! Until you try it you won’t believe it!!!

Although I still rely on Mel to do my fortnightly ironing I have been able to reduce my ironing costs! I use Refresh on previously ironed clothes that were jammed into a suitcase from the last trip away or simply fix up clothing crinkles from a fully jammed wardrobe before a fun night out. The refresh spray smooths out wrinkles from these clothes and freshens them up instead of sending them back to Mel for a re-iron.

It is that easy!

The lavender smell is also lovely but is not overpowering and for the guys - the lavender scent does not linger Love your work Mel "

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