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Last week we had an on location REFRESH photoshoot. Sounds glamours doesn’t it 🤩

Really it was DIY with myself and a couple of girlfriends with our iPhones trying to be creative and capture at least a couple of good images that would be suitable for the website. Besides the gazillion photos we took to get a handful of nearly great ones we had an absolute blast, so so much fun, a little crazy dangerous with some bench climbing and mirror balancing which really just shows we will go to any length for the perfect picture, commitment right there.

We even had a couple of helpful furry friends and models 🐶❤️

Thank you so much Jo for offering your beautiful home as the perfect location for the DIY photoshoot, I think we have all learnt a lot about photography, what works, what absolutely doesn’t, why light is so important and that sometimes even if you can picture it in your head it doesn’t necessary mean that you have the tools or the skills to pull it off, some things are best left to the professionals.

Our next photoshoot I am going to hire a professional photographer and we can sit around sipping wine offering creative suggestions, I need to work out how to boost sales to make this a reality, but I think it is worth noting as a business goal 🤞

I think we deserve a round of applause for giving it a go, running a small business means that you need to wear many hats and step up to a challenge and I think we did it with creative flare.

So REFRESH has received a refresh (hehe) with a new bottle label with extra info, our website and a little colour and we now have a small handful of nearly great pictures for the website and social media.

But in the mean time here are a few behind the scenes (BTS for those of us in the industry) for you to enjoy and laugh at us 😀

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