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So who is going camping this Easter?

Camping may not be the most glamorous holiday, well unless you are glamping I guess, we are currently saving our pennies so that we can go glamping at Splitters Farm this winter, I can’t wait to toast marshmallows, snuggle around the fire and play with the baby animals 😊

Camping doesn’t have to mean looking like you have never ironed your clothes or even washed them in the first place if you are anything like our eldest son. Camping also doesn’t mean you are cut off from civilisation and won’t be able to enjoy a nice meal out or an afternoon at a day spa. Camping does mean though that not all the creature comforts of home are on hand and easily accessible, think no dishwasher, hair straightening in the toilet block and living out of a tiny little camping fridge or maybe even an esky with old fashion ice 😳.

But camping doesn’t have to mean crinkled clothes and looking like you are living out of a suitcase even when you are. Crinkled clothes are fine for fishing and even hiking but if you are heading to the day spa for a treat or out for a nice dinner for a well earned break from deb potato and sausages then you will be grateful for a bottle of REFRESH. With a quick spray and a shake of your previously ironed and carefully packed clothes you will be looking like your normal well groomed and presentable self and no one will be any the wiser that you will be spending the night on a half inflated air mattress with sheets full of sand.

You may think from the above that I don't fully appreciate the joys of camping, I love camping as much as the next person and have many many fond memories of Easter camping holidays enjoying the cooler weather, learning how to play Gin Rummy and eating Easter eggs around the camp fire. I just feel that now I am getting older that I would appreciate even more all that glamping has to offer 😉

Comment below with your favourite place to camp and eat Easter eggs and remember to pack the REFRESH so that you can look your normal glamorous self whether camping or glamping.

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