• Melodee Miller


May your belly be full of chocolate and your heart full of love.

May you be blessed with a visit from the Easter Bunny and squeals of delight.

May you find comfort in FaceTime and Skype with loved ones in place of tickles, cuddles and traditional dinners.

May you choose happiness and making the most of a strange situation to keep your loved ones safe.

May you be blessed with no extra numbers on the scales or pimples on your chin.

May you enjoy cups of tea, chocolate and a new slower pace to life, with time to breath, enjoy and be still.

May you take comfort knowing you are doing your part, contributing to something so big it will define humanity for years to come.

May you feel peace in your home and take a moment to just be.

May you be blessed to know how much you are loved by family & friends each and every day.

May this Easter be one to remember as a time when we united as one because we are all in this together ❤️

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