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Today is my Mum’s Birthday ❤️

This photo was taken on the day of my prom 25 and a bit years ago, honestly it only feels like yesterday, the crazy thing is I now have a son the same age that I was in this photo 😳

How beautiful is my Mum, she was such an amazing support to me during this final year of high school when I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve the very best possible OP I could possibly achieve, I still clearly remember the day that dreaded envelope arrived in the mail and I felt sick to my stomach opening it. Thankfully it all worked out fine but honestly I think I would have been a nightmare to live with during this time, stressing everyone out and staying up to all hours of the night studying and then trying to do my best in the exam, what logic is that 🙄 teenager brain obviously. Lesson learnt sleep is just as important as preparation.

My Mum has always been there when I really needed her, some years more than others depending on what life is throwing in the ring with me at the time. It was actually Mum who helped me brainstorm the idea of starting an ironing business, that conversation is still so vivid in my mind that I think of it often and can actually feel that moment in time, I was emotional and desperate and my Mum helped me see that I had more options then I thought, I was truely more capable then what I believed and that with hard work surrounded by people who love me I could create something real and sustainable.

The last 12 months Mum has stepped in and done what ever is needed to help me grow this business, she irons when I feel like the mountain of ironing is insurmountable, she helps with marketing content when I can’t get the sentences to say what I want them to say and she spreads the word of my business to anyone who will listen to how proud she is ❤️

Thank you Mum for everything, for believing in me when I don't believe in myself, for saying the things that sometimes I don't want to hear but need to and for being that person I know without a single doubt will 100% always and forever love me. I love you Mum.

Happy Birthday ❤️

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