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All of our lovely clients who drop off and collect their ironing directly from us in Belle Eden will notice over the coming weeks that some exciting property development is happening in our area with the start of the new Brookfield Estate by @Devconstruction1

I love seeing our town grow and make opportunities for new families to call Bundaberg home, we really are fortunate to live in such an amazing part of this planet 🌏

While development and growth is exciting business it is also windy, dusty and involves big machinery for the heavy lifting. So next time you pop in to drop off or collect your ironing please just be careful of the trucks and diggers coming and going along our street, they are big and your car is little, so giving them a little extra room is always wise. You will also notice our house is all locked up, doors and windows shut tight to keep out the dust so if you need to speak with me about your ironing or would just like a little chat (which is always welcome hehe) then you will need to use the door bell which is on the front gate.

I will be cleaning our front door area multiple times each day to ensure it stays as dust free as possible but to ensure that ironing is only left at the front door at either drop off or collection for a minimum amount of time, we ask that you please provide us with an accurate time of when you will be popping in so we can further reduce exposure to any potential dust.

I know this dusty period is going to be short-lived and will provide a beautiful place for people to call home, so in the mean time we will be doing our absolute best to keep things as dust free as possible.

I appreciate your understanding and assistance during this dusty time and I know that by working together and being considerate and vigilant around the situation it will be full steam ahead into the new school/work year in beautiful freshly ironed clothes.

❤️ Mel.

PS: If anyone has any ideas or suggestions about maintaining a dust free home during estate development I am all ears 👂

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