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How are you settling into your 2021 school/work routine?

Deciding what is actually achievable each week is an art form, sadly the hours in a day are limited so sometimes it takes a few weeks to realistically measure what can and can’t be accomplished both in and outside your home each week and still leave you feeling sane. 🤪 Just quickly before I share with you our 2021 school/work routine if your ironing basket is pushing you over the edge please reach out and book in a regular or as needed service, that is what we are here for, to help you keep the balance in your home and your sanity all while looking freshly ironed 😀 Our families 2021 school/work routine is starting to settle. 🥰 It always takes us a few weeks to get back into the swing of things and resist the urge to continuously fall back into school holiday mode. Each year sees us juggling a different combination of school and work, this year we look like this. Master 15 - Year 10 Master 18 - Full time work on a very dirty red dirt farm which he absolutely loves. You could say he is like a pig in mud 🐖 in love with tractors 🚜 Husband - Lifeguard Me - Ironing, Refreshing and designing wedding albums For us each years new school/work routine brings with it new expectations, responsibilities, goals and 4 different schedules to manage. A new morning routine to get everyone where they need to be at the right time, in the right clothes (ironed of course) with the right belongings on the right days. A new after school routine including soccer training, swimming, futsal and navigating the arrival home of the muddy Master 18 after his day on the farm. He is actually getting his muddy end of the day clean up down to a fine art which I am super proud of. This has been a challenge along the way though especially when he is extremely casual about mess, dirt, stinky clothes and mud caked eskies (typical boy) and I am OCD about being clean, neat, tidy and hygienic but we have found a system that is working and that is the main thing. Realistically the weekly school/work routine is all about finding what works for you and your family, what fits in with your schedule and what is a priority in your household. For some they have the organisational skills and time to juggle it all, others have outside help from family and friends for school pick ups and lifts with friends to after school activities. While some families outsource time consuming chores like house cleaning, window washing and ironing leaving time for more important things. The juggling act that is the school/work routine has no right or wrong way it just has what ever way works for you and your family and leaves you all feeling accomplished but still sane at the end of each day. ❤️ Ironing available Monday - Friday Free pick and delivery or you are welcome to drop off and collect. 48 hour turn around time Facebook message or text on 0409 369 650 to book in your basket of ironing.

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