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We popped away for a couple of days over the weekend for a little rest and relaxation before school went back and REFRESH is launched, my goodness I still have those butterflies just thinking about the launch tomorrow morning so so excited.

Sorry off topic, back to the weekend.

I knew I really needed some down time over the weekend, to be honest I think we all did, it has been a crazy exciting couple of months. So I wanted this weekend to be as relaxing and job free as possible, we planned to eat dinner out a couple of nights which is a real treat for us, sleep in, spend some time at the beach and just enjoy a slower pace of life, even if just for a few days.

I was determined not to iron this weekend at all, even though I knew we would be living out of a suitcase and that I really wanted to pack a couple of linen items, normally linen + squished in suitcase = unwearable wrinkles 🙄

Well not this weekend, even though I ironed everything before packing it, especially the linen items they still came out squished and wrinkled but with a few squirts of REFRESH, a good shake and a couple of minutes to dry they looked freshly ironed again 🥰

A funny little side story about this particular before and after. When I pulled this linen jumpsuit out of the suitcase and saw how crushed it was I actually had my doubts that REFRESH would work well enough for me to be able to wear them.

After they had dried and I saw how amazing they looked I said to my husband it still amazes me how well it works, how the wrinkles just magically disappear, it is so good I even impress myself 😊 Well Mr Lifeguard husband thought this was hilarious, having spent so much time developing and testing and testing and testing to still be impressed by my own results is apparently very amusing to some.

REFRESH will be available for purchase on our Facebook Shop from 9:00am tomorrow morning, Saturday 30 January.

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