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Day 2 Done & Dusted

After a couple of wines and dinner at the The Surf Club Mooloolaba last night this little chicken was in bed ready for a good nights sleep to be fresh and rested to go for day 2 of walking, walking and more walking with Sunshine Coast Adventures & Wild Spirit Adventures

We started our day with a super yummy breakfast at Melody's Licensed Cafe before being dropped off at the Mooloolaba Spit to continue on our way. Our day was filled with beautiful coastal scenery and a lovely long stroll along North Shore Beach with a tail wind, which was most certainly appreciated after yesterdays head wind, before continuing our walk along the coastal path and boardwalk to Coolum, a total of 27.5km

Today we did meet a couple of unwelcome scaly companions along the way 😳 not as scary as the snake we encountered yesterday but still I don't fancy being friends with lizards, I much prefer my animal friends to be fury, domesticated and obedient.

We finished the afternoon off with a well deserved ice-cream and a soak in the spa ❤️

Muscle Update - I have had a few people ask how my legs and feet are holding up and all in all I think I am doing really well, for someone who has never done anything like this before I feel like the old body is doing well. Yes my feet and legs are a little sore at the end of the day and I have a small blister on my toe but nothing worth complaining about or stopping me from looking forward to continuing our adventure tomorrow 😀

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