• Melodee Miller


The last couple of weeks have been HUGE for us.

We have been juggling laundry baskets and ironing from sun up until well after sun down as the last fortnight has been our two biggest weeks since starting this little local business which is so so exciting, I actually find it hard to put into words how grateful I am for this little business of ours and how it has been embraced by so many.

Our beautiful Miss Matilda has also had her boyfriend Archie stay for a week, so in between baskets of ironing there have been lots of puppy cuddles, walks and hanging out with the cutest furry couple ever.

When I tell you they are like a little married couple believe me they really are. Archie is the fun loving husband who never really grew up, he loves to chase balls, enjoy gourmet meals and has a little trouble navigating stairs. Miss Matilda is most certainly the bossy wife, rouses her husband when he arrives home as if he has been to the pub, she absolutely loves to be chased around the yard by Archie, just like in their courting days and being a lady she always uses her manners when asking for something even though she is extremely persistent and ensures she gets her own way.

We love them both so much and it is always such a highlight when Archie comes to stay. Archie's Mum and Dad even made sure Archie didn't arrive empty handed just like all good house guests, arriving with a beautiful bunch of flowers from Bundaberg Roses 🐶❤️🌹

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