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Ok so I am dipping into the honesty box tonight to share a little secret, here goes.

Before I started STEAM & REFRESH I didn’t actually do our family's ironing 😳 I know!!!

Are you surprised?

Before Mr Lifeguard Husband was a lifeguard and lived in quick dry clothes and board shorts he worked in the world of finance as a Bank Manager and then a Finance Manager so it was fancy long pants, button up shirts and baskets of ironing for him. Watching the football on TV each Sunday afternoon he did our weekly family basket of ironing while cheering on the Bronco’s or some other football team.

So when people ask me why do I love ironing, the answer really is I actually didn’t know if I would like ironing for hours at a time day in and day out, I just knew I was good at it as I had still done my fair share of ironing over the years just not regularly and I also knew that I didn’t dislike it as much as everyone else seemed to. Which surely had to be a good thing.

12 months on and there are many many things I ❤️ about my business. Firstly the many wonderful people I have meet who started as clients and are now considered friends as well as the happy fuzzy feeling you get from helping people and busy families.

The flexibility and work/life balance STEAM & REFRESH enables me to enjoy makes my heart happy. I absolutely adore that my family & friends can pop in for a cuppa and sit in The Ironing Room with me, yes it has been officially named as a place to drink coffee and I can continue to iron while still spend quality time with people who are special to me.

So I guess when people ask me why do you love ironing my answer should be what isn’t there to love about it 🥰

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