• Melodee Miller


So this week has been a little crazy busy (super super exciting) but I am still just trying to get my head around this new level of busy and I guess after a week off it can be a little bit of a shock to the system.

As much as I am soooo grateful, excited and to be honest just in awe of the journey this little business has me on sometimes you just need that one person to give you a little reminder of why your life has suddenly become a little crazy and that it is a good thing, an AMAZING thing in fact.

This week I was reminded how blessed I am to have good friends who straighten me up if I get a little wonky, remind me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and tell me on a regular basis how capable I am of achieving anything if I put my heart to it and get myself organised. One of these such friends knocked on my door this week with hot coffee, yummy things to eat and the most amazing cherries all from One Little Farm - flowers and produce

This friend reminded me during this crazy week that one of the main reasons I am doing all of this, building this wonderful little business is so that I have the flexibility to fill my hours in a way that works for me. Spending time with family and friends is so so important for my sanity, it keeps my world going round. To be able to have coffee, cake and time with my girlfriends in my ironing room while I am still ironing is one of the many reasons I LOVE my little business so much, it balances out my work life balance in a way that works for me, it just works and makes my heart happy.

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