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Yesterday afternoon I received a message from one of my lovely clients checking in to see if I was ok as I have been a little quiet on this page the last few weeks. This little message made my heart sing, sing with happiness to know I have such amazing kind hearted clients and we are creating a beautiful caring little community ❤️

It also did make me realise that things may appear quiet on social media but behind the scenes things are a little crazy, we have a lot going on and I feel this is a great time for a little update.

On the ironing front my little business is continuing to grow each week which is super exciting and I am looking into booking an appointment with a Business Consultant to explore different avenues on how best to grow and scale my business. Yes this makes my tummy nervous but I have got my big girl pants pulled on tight, lots of support and encouragement from clients, family & friends and am ready to jump in with both feet.

I have been working hard behind the scenes getting organised and perfecting some little procedures to improve how everything works and fits together including my cute little clipboards and worksheets for each basket of ironing which keep me organised and on track.

As my little business has continued to grow week to week and month to month we have had to start seriously looking at out current living/working arrangements and how this is going to work moving forward and taking on more and more clients which I am very eager to do. So for the last couple of months I have been spending every spare moment trying to find us a bigger house to rent. Something which can comfortably accomodate our family as well as the ironing and will allow the ironing to have its own dedicated space/rooms in our home and the ability for us to shut up shop at the end of each day and enjoy our home as just that a home, not a work space as well.

My search for a new house so far has been unsuccessful as I am sure you can imagine we have a number of boxes which we need to tick to make the new place work but I am confident that the perfect home for us is just around the corner and I will be sure to share the exciting news as soon as I find it.

I have a couple of other little projects underway which I will share over the coming week but for now I am off to do yoga followed by a cup of tea and catch up with a dear friend and get ready for another great week.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon ❤️

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