• Melodee Miller


WOW what a year !!!!!

2020 has most certainly had its challenges, home schooling, no toilet paper 😳, job insecurity and the uncertainly of the structure of everyday life moving forward.

Personally for me 2020 has been nothing short of life changing. Never in a single year have I learnt so much, been challenged personally and professionally to such extremes and never before have I felt the strength of support and encouragement from complete strangers in our community as I found my way establishing and running this local business. It truely has been an AMAZING year. ❤️

I have laughed, cried, ironed and ironed and ironed and ironed, purchased more irons then a single person ever owns in a lifetime, become a road directory wiz of Bundaberg, ironed and ironed some more, had the pleasure of meeting wonderful supportive people and ironed some more. Continuously shuffled and juggled the structure of my day to get the absolute most out of every minute and gratefully made friends with some of the kindest, sweetest people who I met as clients and now call friends and continued to iron and build an amazing little community around a simple ironing basket. 🙏

This year, above all, I have learnt that with hard work, perseverance, long hours and solid milestones to work towards that anything is possible. Living outside of your comfort zone is tough, super tough in fact, there are people who look down on you, judge you, redefine the relationship they have with you. There are people who you thought would always have your back that suddenly don’t and there are others, true whole hearted friends and family that go above and beyond to support and encourage every step of the way.

This year, 2020, I have been so fortunate to have so many amazing people who fill my heart daily, support me and my family, challenge me to be the very very best human being I can be both personally and professionally and who show me in ways both big and small that they are a part of my tribe, they are my people.

So in a year of challenges and uncertainty I actually feel like I have come out the other side stronger, wiser, more resilient and independent than I have ever been. I will forever be grateful for STEAM and my beautiful kindhearted caring clients and the way you have all made my heart happy throughout 2020.

Bring on 2021 things can only get more AMAZING 🥰

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