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There is nothing better then a perfectly pressed business shirt, so crisp and fresh 😀

But have you ever wondered why sometimes ironing just doesn’t produce the end result you had hoped for?

The process of ironing and the quality of the end result actually starts long before you put up the ironing board. Ironing is not just about the type of iron you use, the height of your ironing board and well, who is actually doing the ironing 😳 if you want to get the most out of ironing there is much more to it than that. With just a few simple changes to your laundry routine you can easily see the finish of your ironing improve immensely.

Whether you put on a load of washing first thing in the morning or straight after dinner (this is when I do mine), it is well worth keeping an ear out for the beep of the washing machine and making time to remove your wet washing and get the drying process started as soon as possible to help reduce wrinkles setting in your wet clothes.

I know you probably want to enjoy catching up on social media while you eat your breakfast or settle down on the lounge with a cup of tea and Netflix after dinner but trust me, you will thank yourself later for hanging/drying your washing as soon as the washing cycle finishes.

If you love to air dry your clothes in the sunshine like I do, and who doesn’t when we live in beautiful sunny Queensland, then getting those babies on the line as soon as possible is key. Not only will you save money on electricity and reduce your carbon footprint but your clothes will smell fresher and last longer. To help further reduce wrinkles give each item a good shake before hanging on the line, the less wrinkles set in the fabric when drying the better the end result will be once ironed.

Love the convenience and ease of a clothes dryer, not to mention super soft and fluffy towels then remember to always remove your dry clothes as soon as the drying cycle is complete, leaving your dry clothes in the dryer for hours is going to undo all of your hard work so far.

The biggest way to reduce wrinkles in your clothes is to fold or hang them as you remove them from the clotheslines or dryer. For best ironing results I recommend hanging your clothes on coat hangers until you have time to get the iron out or book in your ironing, you really will appreciate the end result even if you only have time for this one small change to your laundry routine, it is well worth it.

Lets recap

⓵ Unload wet washing from the washing machine promptly

⓶ Start the drying process ASAP

⓷ Shake clothes before hanging them on the clothes line

⓸ Fold or hang clothes as you remove them from the clothesline or dryer - this tip is a game changer, trust me 😍

⓹ Hang clothes until you have time to iron or book in your ironing

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