• Melodee Miller


Sadly it happens to all of us, you buy the perfect t-shirt, the right fit, colour, length, neckline, all perfect, well perfect until it has been washed a few times. After a few washes your once perfect t-shirt slowly but surely starts to stretch out of shape, it gradually grows shorter and wider, the neckline doesn’t fit as nicely and well the side seams aren’t exactly on the sides anymore but gradually twisting to a shape all of their own.

So below are a few tips to help stop your once perfect t-shirt from going out of shape.

✅ Always read and follow the care instructions label

✅ Use a washing machine without a centre agitator

✅ Wash using a gentle cycle

✅ Wash in cold water

✅ Allow clothes to air dry instead of popping them in the dryer

✅ Dry on a flat surface instead of hanging on the line

✅ Iron using a steam iron or garment steamer to protect the fabric fibres

✅ Store t-shirts folded instead of hanging them

Does anyone have any other tips or tricks up their sleeve they are happy to share?

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